Detailed Notes on Nahjul Balagha Arabic

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أَحَالَ الاْشياءَ لاِوْقَاتِهَا، وَلاَمَ بَيْنَ مُخْتَلِفَاتِهَا، وَغَرَّزَ غَرائِزَهَا، وَأَلزَمَهَا أشْبَاحَهَا، عَالِماً بِهَا قَبْلَ ابْتِدَائِهَا، مُحِيطاً بِحُدُودِها وَانْتِهَائِهَا، عَارفاً بِقَرَائِنِها وَأَحْنَائِهَا Criticisms aside, and everything from the heavens and earth can be subject to criticism, this e-book is daily life changing, and also to non-Muslims and non-Shi... https://bookmarkingfeed.com/story12974014/rumored-buzz-on-nahjul-balagha-app-for-apple-watch


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